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The programme to be presented is an online webinar that introduces and analyses themes of sustainable development, especially as they relate to the environment, which should be of interest to everyone, including life below water and life on land. The objective of the programme is that a credible speaker will discuss and give insight on the subject. Through question-and-answer sessions, participants in this webinar would be able to interact with the invited speaker. This webinar is available to all UUM students and will be presented by a subject matter expert.

This programme aims to give students with the opportunity to learn more about sustainable development via the lens of international environmental law. Next, the purpose of this webinar is to introduce UUM students to the environmental difficulties and challenges of sustainable development in Malaysia, particularly as they relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for life below water and on land. By providing the proper information and expertise, this webinar aims to increase understanding of sustainability as well as its complicated links with the economy, environment, and society.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad emphasised that environmental resource exploitation is primarily responsible for Malaysia's rapid economic progress. Nonetheless, the utilisation of Malaysia's natural resources exacerbates environmental degradation. Degradation of the environment is a concern throughout Southeast Asia, which includes Malaysia. Effect The degradation of the environment will have a severe effect on the social welfare and quality of life in the country. For instance, marine plastic pollution is one of the most severe environmental challenges in Malaysia. In addition, the exploitation of environmental resources for the sake of urbanisation has led to worries about habitat degradation and biodiversity loss, which have had a substantial influence on Malaysia's endangered species. Action As college students, especially those studying law, we should be aware of the issues of sustainability, particularly those relating to the environment, such as the interdependence of life on land and under water.