Bachelor of Philosophy, Law and Business (Honours)[BPLB(Hons)]


The current government emphasizes on the development of human capital. Human capital with academic excellence has a large impact on a country’s economic growth and social stability. Thus as a first step, a plan will be carried out so that students who excel at secondary level would be selected and trained as a skilled human capital.

Outstanding students will also be given the opportunity to join an academic program that focuses on the intellectual concept, the ability to think and make observations and analytical reasoning. The program is a synthesis of several branches of study such as the history of philosophy, philosophy of science, mathematics and logic, combined with the law and business. Hence, Universiti Utara Malaysia feels for a need for academic program at undergraduate level to produce a more focused individual who can be an effective leader in all disciplines.

This desire can be achieved with the establishment of Bachelor of Philosophy, Law and Business. The program is closely designed to provide students with strong research skills.

Course Information

The Bachelor of Philosophy, Law and Business programme consists of three major disciplines namely philosophy, law and business. The philosophy component consists of various courses such as History of Philosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Ethics. The law component covers the area of business law, administrative law as well as criminal law. The business component combines the area of business, accounting and economy. Apart from undergoing these courses, the final year students are required to conduct a Thinker’s Project which consists of two components. Firstly, student attachment programme where they will be placed at any selected organization. Secondly, students are required to complete a project paper supervised by both the organization and university.

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