Programme Learning Outcomes

Master of Corporate, Master of Commercial Law & Master of Human Resource Law
  • Acquire the practical knowledge and legal exposure in the public and private sectors in respect of corporate laws.
  • Apply their legal knowledge in respect of the principles, concepts, theories and history (or raison de’tre) to the law and the evolution of the nation’s legal institutions.
  • The aim of the programme is to produce competent and professional lawyers and administrators who are able to apply legal knowledge.
  • Analyse critically and analytically, and evaluate legal problems through systematic research and to proffer correct and comprehensive solutions to the same.
  • Apply basic skills in drafting legal documents and opinion, conducting negotiations, interviews and advising on possible solutions.
  • Communicate effectively, smart in decision making and adopt a good legal professional practice.
  • Competently and effectively adhering to the professional legal practice thus fulfilling the nation’s needs and aspirations.
  • Conduct the legal professional practice in an ethical manner.
  • Subscribe to lifelong learning in enhancing and auguring professionalism in the legal practice.
  • Produce leaders/administrators who are accountable in exercising management and possess entrepreneurial skills.