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Dr. Nazli
Name: Dr. Nazli Mahdzir
Position: Senior Lecturer
Extension No: 8114
Email: ...
Dr. Anita
Name: Dr. Nor Anita Abdullah
Position: Programme Coordinator Postgraduate
Extension No: 8105/8116
Email: ...
Name: Hanis Wahed
Position: Tutor
Extension No: 8099
Email: ...
Dr Ruzita
Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ruzita Azmi
Position: Associate professor
Extension No: 8071
Email: ...
Dr. Yuhanif
Name: Dr. Yuhanif Yusof
Position: Senior Lecturer
Extension No: 8072
Email: ...
Name: Dr. Marina Hj Hashim
Position: Lecturer
Extension No: 8079
Email: ...
Name: Mazita Mohamed
Position: Lecturer
Extension No: 8080
Email: ...
Name: Dr. Haslinda Mohd Anuar
Position: Programme Coordinator LL.B (Hons)
Extension No: 8106/8063
Email: ...
Name: Mumtaj Hassan
Position: Senior Lecturer
Extension No: 8066
Email: ...
Azlin Namili
Name: Azlin Namili Ramli@Mohd Ali
Position: Senior lecturer
Extension No: 8059
Email: ...